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Haxby Group is a leading provider of community-based healthcare in York and Hull. Working across nine GP surgeries, we deliver high quality, caring, healthcare with consistently outstanding results to more than 50,000 patients.

As well as the full range of GP services, we also provide community-based minor-surgery, including vasectomies and contraceptive procedures.

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Welcome to our four new York GPs

Welcome to our four new GPs who have recently started at Haxby Group York.

Dr Suchana Pal
Dr Rae Watts
Dr Laura Bradley
Dr Karen Graindorge

Our new GPs will join our team of doctors who are now going to be working in teams across our York surgeries.

From April, doctors will be working within the following teams. Patients should… Read more

How to make an appointment at Haxby Group Hull surgeries

1. I need an appointment within the next few weeks:

You can book up to four weeks in advance online or by phone


Sign up to use our online booking system by visiting http://www.haxbygroup.co.uk/get-online/

Once you have completed the application form and registered to use the service, you can download the app or… Read more

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