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Cars donated to make home visits safer for clinicians

25th August 2020 - 3:03 PM

Home visits to patients have been made easier and safer for clinicians, thanks to the loan of cars from a number of local companies.
Haxby Group was kindly donated four cars to help with home visiting by local companies.
The loan cars, which had been left redundant by companies during the lock-down, were used by doctors and healthcare practitioners for doing home visits more safely for patients, themselves and their families.    It allowed them to carry protective equipment and medical supplies between home visits to patients more safely and efficiently. 
Clinicians were able to safely visit patients, without the risk of cross infection from other people being in the vehicles and thereby risking patients. This helped to reduce the risk of taking infection back home by using their own cars for visits. 
The practice could also dedicate cars for visits to patients who may have COVID-19, separately from those who do not, but are at extreme risk, if exposed.  
The idea to donate the cars, was down to Andrew Brook-Dobson, Managing Director of bdb Financial Planning in Harrogate, following an online chat with his friend and climbing partner John McEvoy, Managing Partner at Haxby Group.
Andrew said: “John told me about their increasing concerns regarding visiting teams – it was becoming a problem for them across their 11 surgeries. As Haxby Group was poised to hire some vehicles, he asked me if I knew anyone who had any cars that could be loaned at a discounted rate, to save the increasing COVID bill to the NHS.   I started to explore the idea and wrote an article which I shared on Linkedin. Before I knew it, I had more than 30 cars being offered by a number of local companies free of charge.
“We had 11 cars being used from seven surgeries across Yorkshire.”
Haxby Group’s managing partner John McEvoy explained why the cars had been needed by the GP Practice:
“The issue was that people couldn’t their own vehicles, due to the risk of cross contamination. If you’d previously been using the family vehicle for work, for instance, you couldn’t do this. Clinicians had to carry PPE and supplies, so this could have been contaminated.
“We’ve also had one Advanced Practitioner who was doing home visits on a bike – obviously couldnt continue with PPE involved in some of our home visits. So the cars were an absolute god-send and we’re really grateful to Andrew and all the companies involved who facilitated this generous offer.”
Four cars were donated to Haxby Group from three Yorkshire companies:
·       Absolute Commercial Interiors, Harrogate – absoluteci.co.uk
·       Creative Race, Leeds – creativerace.co.uk
·       TEV Ltd, Brighouse – tevlimited.com
Phil Brown, Group CEO of Absolute CI in Harrogate explained how his company had got involved: “We just saw a message from Andrew on LinkedIn about wanting a vehicle. Our company pool car was just sitting outside in the car park doing nothing, so I gave him a ring.
“It’s a great idea and we were just glad to help out.”
Gordon Bethell, Chairman of CreativeRace said: “We saw heroic efforts of the teams supporting vulnerable people in these challenging times, so frankly, to provide transport from pool cars that have been stood still for a while, was the least we could do”

John Dobson, Managing Director of TEV Ltd said: “These people are risking their lives every day to save other people during this terrible time. Lending them a few cars to improve their service and make their lives a little easier, pales into insignificance. It was a pleasure to be able to help in any way possible.”
A further six cars were loaned out to other healthcare providers by Autohorn Fleet Services in York. Scott Jenkins, Sales and Operations Director, said: “We’re a car hire company so had a few spare cars. Rather than being sat in our car park, they were better being used to help our local NHS services. We were pleased to be able to help out.”

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