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Haxby Group Hull shows dedication to patients with new staff appointment

30th August 2021 - 10:00 AM

The team at Haxby Group Hull are pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Croft (pictured), Patient Experience Administrator. This newly created role will allow Haxby Group Hull to further commit to improving patient satisfaction by ensuring it is given the time and dedication it needs.  

Speaking of his appointment, Michael said: “I’m really pleased to be joining the team at Haxby Group. Essentially my job is to make sure everyone’s experience with our practices is of a high quality. My time is 100% dedicated to making things better for people; patients and staff alike.”

“If a patient has an issue, a concern, complaint or even just feedback to share, my day to day role revolves around solving or addressing what has been raised, and supporting the patient.”   

“Unfortunately mistakes do happen. What is important is how we deal with them, the solutions we find and making sure they are not repeated. I’m here to listen, understand and help. I investigate every complaint that comes through and I really hope to be able to make a difference to patients.”

Michael, who started his career as a carer, always tries to put himself in the patients’ shoes: “I truly believe we operate to a high standard at Haxby group. That said, if I can see something that we can work on for the benefit of our patients, I’ll listen and take these suggestions back to our management and clinical team.”

“It’s great to know the practice team are supportive of suggestions for development. They really do care about patients. I see that in the work we do every day.”

Patients are not Michael’s only focus, with team satisfaction also high on his agenda: “I really care about supporting and safeguarding our team. Even though we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abuse, our team members are faced with abuse on an almost daily basis.”

Over the coming months Michael hopes to be able to look proactively at patient journeys and staff experience: “Ultimately I want to reduce the need for patients to complain. I’m currently exploring typical ‘patient journeys’ and hope that by understanding the various pathways patients go on, I’ll be able to pre-empt and work on potential frustrations before they become pinch points for complaints.”

“I gladly encourage patients to get in touch. I’m here to work with you to support those who need it. Equally if you have a compliment or a message of thanks, it would be great if you could get in touch with these too.”

Karen Phillips, General Manager at Haxby Group Hull said: “Having a Patient Experience Administrator join our team will be of huge benefit to our patients and our workforce. Through Michael’s work we have a real opportunity to enhance patient satisfaction.”

Compliments, concerns and complaints can be submitted via our website here: www.haxbygroup.co.uk/contact/comments-suggestions/

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