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Haxby Group Partner is honoured for work on Scarborough Covid Vaccination programme

06th May 2022 - 10:39 AM

Haxby Group’s Sally Brown, clinical lead at Haxby Group and Scarborough Core Primary Care Network (PCN), has picked up a prestigious award for her work on the Covid vaccination programme.
Sally was named a ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ by the Scarborough Cavaliers Rotary Club for her work in leading the COVID vaccination programme at Scarborough Rugby Club, Brunswick Centre and at GP Practices.  The Paul Harris award is given on very rare occasions in Scarborough to people who have made a significant contribution to the community, both locally and internationally.
She also received the Certificate of Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club in thanks and recognition of her ‘tireless work in leading the vaccination programme in Scarborough throughout the pandemic.’
Sally said: “I know this award is not given out very often so it was a real honour to receive it on behalf of the Primary Care Network teams who have organised the vaccination clinics for patients at the Scarborough Rugby Club. It is an important recognition of the teams; both volunteers and people who returned from retirement, who made sure we were able to respond the national plans and deliver them locally.  
Sally was invited to join the Scarborough Rotary Club as the first female member and went on to be the first lady president. Sally stepped back from Rotary work to concentrate on family and work commitments, but is hoping to start attending the regular weekly meetings in the near future.
She was presented with the awards by Richard Creasy, President and John Dudley, Secretary of the Scarborough Cavaliers Rotary Club.
On May 11 Sally will be giving a talk to the Rotary Club members about the Covid vaccination Programme in Scarborough and how the community pulled together make sure residents had access to vaccines.

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