Advanced Training Practice – For many years Haxby Group has supported doctors in training and now we are pleased to be helping nurses too.

Haxby Group is an Advanced Training Practice. This is a new initiative which aims to increase nurse student placement in GP surgeries.

With the help of our nurse mentor, Deb Smith, we have been offering regular placements to nurse students from Hull University and also now have two healthcare assistants – Jackie Krebs and Lisa Holmes – doing nursing degrees with the Open University. 

Haxby Group GP Dr Kevin Anderson said: “Offering such placements will hopefully mean that more nurses will decide to work in General Practice which will help us provide more services to patients.

“We’re pleased to say that our first student nurse, Sarah Butler, joined our Hull team as a practice nurse as soon as she finished her degree.”

Several of our nurses are now trained as nurse student supervisors and soon we will also have nurse students on placements from York University.  We will also be supporting other local practices in developing their own nurse student placements.

Dr Anderson added: “Patients may find that at their next nurse appointment there is a student nurse sitting in. By agreeing to this they are helping train the practice nurses of tomorrow, so thank you to everyone for their support.”


Dr Kevin Anderson has always had a strong interest in education and training and already helps to train GPs and medical students at the practice.  We are pleased to say he has also been appointed to work for Hull and York Medical School to develop courses for GP and practice nurses aimed at developing their skills and keeping up to date.

Family planning training

Haxby Group is taking the lead in Family Planning training for GPs with specialist training courses in Hull.

Offering four separate training options at its Hull surgeries, Haxby Group is attracting GPs from throughout the region to its clinical training sessions.

GPs are being trained by Haxby Group’s Dr Fiona Scott, a qualified family planning specialist, to carry out a number of family planning techniques, including:

  • Injections
  • Implants
  • Mirena coil
  • Copper coil

Dr Scott said: “We’re very excited about being able to offer this vital training. More women than ever are requesting this type of contraception and we need to know how to advise patients and deliver the service.

“Here at Haxby Group, we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of women’s services within primary care, and this is a prime example of something we are doing really well.”

 To apply for the course, please complete the online form, or contact us for more information.