Fees list

Our fees are listed below, please note that some items require payment prior to completion by the doctor. For more information please contact reception.

If appointments for travel vaccinations are required at short notice there may be an additional carriage charge of approx £18.00.

indicates credit/debit cards are accepted. Items marked with a * asterisk are plus VAT if applicable.

Item Cost
Insurance Claim Form £21.00
Holiday Cancellation Claim Form £28.50
Manual or combined manual and computerised records £0.35 per sheet (max £50.00)
Computerised records (printouts) £10.00
Simple Letter/Form £18.50 *
Ofsted Health Declaration Form £109.20 *
Medicals - HGV, PSV, Taxi, PCV, LGV, Forklift Truck £120.00 *
Full Medical & Report £200.00 *
Passport/Driving Licence £33.90 *
Yellow Fever (reinforcing dose 10 years) £70.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Meningitis AWCY 1 dose (reinforcing dose 3 years) £70.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Rabies 3 doses (reinforcing dose 3 years) £183.00 for 3 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Rabies - Booster £61.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Jap B £200.00 for 2 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Jap B - Booster £100.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Tick Borne 1 year protection £130.00 for 2 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Tick Borne 3 year protection £65.00 for 3rd and subsequent doses Credit/Debit Cards
Hep B £120.00 for 3 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Hep B - booster £40.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Chicken Pox £126.00 for 2 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Private Sick Note £29.50
Vaccination Certificate £15.00
Private Blood Test - venepuncture only, lab fees to be advised in addition to this fee £15.00

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