Fees list

Our fees are listed below, please note that some items require payment prior to completion by the doctor. For more information please contact reception.


indicates credit/debit cards are accepted. Items marked with a * asterisk are plus VAT if applicable.

Item Cost
Insurance Claim Form £21.00
Holiday Cancellation Claim Form £28.50
Manual or combined manual and computerised records £0.35 per sheet (max £50.00)
Computerised records (printouts) £10.00
Simple Letter/Form £18.50 *
Ofsted Health Declaration Form £109.20 *
Medicals - HGV, PSV, Taxi, PCV, LGV, Forklift Truck £120.00 *
Full Medical & Report £200.00 *
Passport/Driving Licence £33.90 *
Meningitis AWCY 1 dose (reinforcing dose 3 years) £70.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Tick Borne 1 year protection £130.00 for 2 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Tick Borne 3 year protection £65.00 for 3rd and subsequent doses Credit/Debit Cards
Hep B £120.00 for 3 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Hep B - booster £40.00 Credit/Debit Cards
Chicken Pox £126.00 for 2 doses Credit/Debit Cards
Private Sick Note £29.50
Vaccination Certificate £15.00
Private Blood Test - venepuncture only, lab fees to be advised in addition to this fee £15.00

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