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Long Term Condition reviews

11th June 2020 - 4:36 PM

One of our key priorities during the Covid-19 outbreak is to keep people out of hospital, wherever possible, and to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

For people with long term conditions – such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease – it is vital that we keep giving them the support they need, whilst avoiding face-to-face appointments as much as possible.

Here’s what we’re doing for patients with Long Term Conditions

  • We’re contacting you via text message, phone or letter
  • We’re contacting you in order of priority
  • Shielded patients, then other patients with long term conditions which are difficult to manage
  • Your regular reviews will be done by telephone
  • You will not be having your review on your birthday month, as before.
  • If a face-to-face appointment is required, it will be done safely in surgery with staff in full protective clothing,
  • Clinics to carry out further reviews will also be scheduled later this year
  • More self-care equipment and advice is being offered, so patients can monitor their own conditions at home with our support.
  • Results can be sent in from home blood pressure monitors, for example, so we can keep an eye on your condition.
  • More video consultations are also being held with patients
  • More drive-through clinics are being scheduled.
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