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Mark becomes one of first Advanced Practitioners to be made a GP Practice Partner

06th April 2021 - 1:35 PM

A York paramedic has become one of the first Advanced Practitioners to be made a Partner at a GP Practice.
From 1 April, Mark Coultate, who has worked as an Advanced Practitioner at Haxby Group for more than five years, will become a Partner at the GP Practice. He will primarily work in Scarborough and will be responsible for developing the various non-doctor clinical roles across York, Hull and Scarborough.
Mark joined the practice in February 2016 as one of the first advanced practitioners. Haxby Group began introducing new clinical roles to support doctors as part of a long-term strategy to strengthen its workforce and improve access and services for patients.
Since then, Mark has been responsible for expanding the Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) role at the practice and his new role will see him start to do the same for the surgeries at Central Healthcare in Scarborough.
He explained: “Primary care is changing at a phenomenal rate – traditionally people wanted to see a doctor, but Haxby Group now has an increasingly diverse range of professionals working in general practice.
“Our patients are used to being directed to the most appropriate person for treatment. Our advanced practitioners have been great in giving us more flexibility whilst freeing up our doctors to deal with more complex patients. They manage patients independently and have varied skills.”
Mark says he’s really excited to begin his new role and is looing forward to working with the other more experienced and supportive Partners at Haxby Group.
“I’m really grateful for the support from all the non-clinical teams too who are just as important and am looking forward to working with all the other GP practices across our Primary Care Network.”

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