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Please treat our team with respect and kindness

08th December 2020 - 1:56 PM

Meet some of our ‘Care Navigation and Patient Services’ team – Jack, Andrea and Sarah.

They are part of the team who answer your calls or greet you in reception. They help you navigate through the healthcare system to get you the right support, as quickly as possible.
They’re here to help!
Once you have spoken to the team and have given them your details, your request will usually go to a doctor. It is a doctor who will then direct you to the right care and treatment.
This is the same service and process you get when you contact us online, via our website. It’s much quicker if you can contact us online.
Jack, Andrea and Sarah have more than 20 years’ service of working at Haxby Group between them.
Andrea (centre) has worked as a receptionist with us for ten years. She says: “It’s the variation of the role that I love. Everyone I work with is so nice. We get on with each other so well and there’s a real sense of family.”
Jack (left) enjoys talking to patients and says his work colleagues are “all pretty close”.
Sarah (right) says “I like the feeling you get at the end of the day – I feel like I’ve really helped people.”
Remember, our highly trained and experienced team is here to support you. Please treat our team with respect and kindness.

(Please note photo taken earlier this year)

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