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Find out more about how to use our online systems

At Haxby Group we are proud of our innovative solutions to improve patient care. We recognise the benefits that digital access provides to patients, and aim for all our services to be “digital-first”.

We do, however, understand that not everyone is able to access our digital systems, either due to a lack of training, lack of equipment, or due to an inability to afford appropriate devices. We passionately believe that such issues should not negatively impact on the care patients receive, so whether you use our digital systems, call us, or walk into our practice, your issue will always be dealt with in the same way.

Online service

Making online access easy and safe is important to providing the best care to patients. Haxby Group use a product called Klinik Access, provided by Klinik Healthcare Solutions. While this service is provided by a third party, all data is managed according to NHS standards, and will not be used other than for your care.

For information about Klinik please follow the button below. To use our online service please visit our contact us page.

NHS app

The NHS app has been developed by NHS Digital, and is expected to be the main route for accessing your information and arranging appointments with your GP. The basic app has been available for some time, and allows patients to request repeat prescriptions, view their medical record and blood results along with other functions. NHS Digital are working with other services to improve the app and allow it to deliver more functions. For more information on the app, or to download it, click on the buttons below.

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