Surge in exercise during lockdown welcomed

Clinicians at Haxby Group  practice have welcomed an apparent surge in people exercising during lockdown and is looking at how to get patients to keep this up.

GP Prof Mike Holmes explained: “If there is a positive during this pandemic, it’s how many more people are benefiting from exercise.

“The health service has been trying to encourage people to exercise for decades as we know it has massive benefits on our health and wellbeing.

“So, how do we get people to exercise more? We ask them not to go out– it’s simple! Going out for half an hour’s exercise three times a week, unless they have been advised to shield at home of course, is really going to make a difference to our health and wellbeing. We really would like to see people keep this up as a positive legacy of the pandemic.”

Haxby Group’s 60,000 patients in York and Hull are being asked to complete a short online survey to gauge how much additional exercise they are doing and what the impact has been on their physical and mental health.

To take part in the survey go to:

Prof Holmes explained: “We want to measure the impact it’s having on our patients and society in general. We want to learn more about what people are doing and what can help them become more active. Exploring how it’s making people feel, both mentally and physically, will really help us all.

“I know from talking to our patients that their routine now includes more exercise. One patient actually told me that she’d seen her average heart rate go down 10 beats per minute since lockdown began – could that be due to better sleep and more exercise. This could be a positive consequence of lockdown. Our challenge is to make sure we keep this up!”

To find out more about Haxby Group’s online survey please go to


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