The Government advice on shielding was updated on the 22 June 2020.

What is changing

For now, nothing changes until 6 July. If the trend for cases of coronavirus continues to fall as we expected it to, the government will further relax its shielding advice in two stages.

From 6 July

  • You may, if you wish, meet in groups of upto 6 people outdoors, including from outside your househould, maintaining social distancing.
  • You no longer need to observe social distancing with other members of your household at home.
  • You may also decide to form a support bubble to spend time with another household, including within the home, if you live in a single adult household (including single adults with dependent children under 18)
  • All other shielding advice remains the same.

From 1 August 

  • The advice to shield will pause.
  • The advice will be to adopt strict social distancing rather than full shielding measures.

This means:

  • You can go to work, if you cannot work from home, as long as the business is Covid secure.
  • Chrldren can return to their education.
  • You can go outside to buy food, exercise and to places of worship but you should maintain strict social distancing.
  • You should still remain cautious and the advice will remain to stay at home where possible

Will this be reviewed?

  • The government will keep the shielding list and may need to advise that stricter measures on patients who are shielding be put back in place if the virus begins to spread more widely again.

 Will support continue to be offered?

  • Support will still be offered via food boxes and medicine deliveries (if you are in receipt of these) until the end of July. The main supermarkets have committed to giving the patients that currently qualify for priority delivery slots to continue to be given priority beyond this period.
  • NHS volunteer responders will continue to be available beyond the end of July.


  • What about going back to work?
  • Every effort should be made to discuss things with your employer and discuss a plan for returning to work from August if you are not able to work from home, to ensure that the work environment is Covid secure.


  • All shielded patients will receive a letter from the government outlining the steps above, to show that shielded patients cannot work outside of the home until 31 July . This should be used as evidence to your employer, or for statutory sick pay purposes.


We would urge anyone who remains unsure or uncertain regarding any of these issues to continue to contact the surgery in the usual way.



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