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You don’t need to call or come in for your repeat prescriptions - go online

The easiest way to request a repeat prescription is via the NHS app. This is the safest way to obtain your medications, as you can select from your list of repeat prescriptions, which helps to cut down on errors. Most patients will be able to access this simple and straightforward app without contacting the surgery.

To log in, you will need photo ID such as a driving license or passport. If you do not have photo ID or are struggling to provide authentication, please call us and we can help you to access the system.

Download the NHS app.

For information regarding the app or to download to your device, please click below.

Alternatives to the NHS app

If you have previously used SystmOnline to order your prescriptions, book appointments or view your medical record, you can still do so via the button below

If you are unable to use the NHS app, for example, if you are under 16, requesting on behalf of another person, or your medication needs reviewing please contact us and select the appropriate button to send your request to our Medicines Optimisation Team.

Contact us online

If you are unable to use the NHS app, please click below to contact us.

Prescription processing time

We request that patients submit their requests for repeat prescriptions seven to 14 days before they are due. The practice aim to process all routine prescriptions within 72 hours. If your prescription requires a review or is complex your request may take up to 7 days to process. Your pharmacy can take up to seven days to obtain the items requested because of long-term shortages of supplies coming into the UK of many common medications. Please allow this extra time to make sure you do not run out, and to avoid having to push prescriptions through quickly, to the disadvantage of others.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

We are now offering a new NHS service called Electronic Repeat Dispensing, or eRD. This service means you only have to request your medication once a year. It will automatically be sent to your pharmacy every four weeks without you having to do anything.

We offer this service to patients who are on long-term medication, who have not needed any changes to their medication in the last year. The automatic repeat prescriptions will last until your next review is needed. The best time to go onto this system is just after an annual review, but you can start it at any point as long as your review is at least 3 months away.

For more information please click on the button below for a video describing the eRD service.

If you are interested in this service, please submit an enquiry through the website via our contact us page.

Non-commissioned medications

Sometimes, the NHS specifically requests that GPs do not prescribe certain items and medications. Occasionally, this is because they can only be prescribed by a hospital specialist, and sometimes, neither we nor the hospital can do so if there is a lack of evidence that the medication works; it is too costly; or it costs so much to provide for a small benefit that a decision has been made by the NHS locally or nationally that it should not be prescribed. These are called “non-commissioned items”. These decisions are not made or influenced by the practice. Enquiries can be made to the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (our local NHS body) through its website.

Non-digital options

The digital options at the links above are the safest and quickest way to contact us, for both patients and the practice. If you are unable to access our digital options, please drop in a paper prescription request at any of our sites. For our most vulnerable patients only, we will accept repeat prescription requests over the phone.

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