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Patient participation and support groups

To help engage with and understand the views of our patients, we have active patient participation groups (PPGs) in York, Hull and Scarborough. In York, we also help co-ordinate a diabetic support group. Meetings are held at regular intervals. We also organise an online PPG where patients can contribute, for example to surveys, to help with service change or development.

We are in the process of reviewing the structure of our PPGs to ensure they are representative and inclusive. We absolutely value the input from our patients, and would like to encourage more to take part in our PPG. Our aim is to have a smaller, focused PPG providing feedback on proposed changes to our services in greater detail, and a wider group to provide less detailed feedback, but from a wider audience. These structures are dependent on the outcome of our on-going review.

If you are interested in joining our PPG in any capacity, please contact us via our comments or suggestions page using the button below.

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